Just a gorgeous video to start your workday….I’m already planning a dinner party in my head

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Good morning friends!  Waking up today was like Christmas morning.  After fluttering my eyes open and stretching my arms out wide, I reached for the laptop and went to my email.  The Mayesh Design Starr Top Five Finalists have been announced…and I’m in!!


This is such a huge deal, its scary to put yourself out there like this, but I knew the risk is worth the reward.  I’m so excited to be in the top five and have a real shot at becoming the Mayesh Design Starr 2013!  The interview with Cindie went great last week, and ever since the brainstorming hasn’t stopped.  There is so much to talk about with you and I’m excited to start the conversation!

But first….

I need your vote!  The Design Starr is selected by voters, so please oh please support me! Here’s the link, select my name and submit your vote!

I’m Kim Starr Wise and I approve this message.

WOOHOO!!  Kim Starr Wise has moved on to the semi finals in the competition for the Mayesh Design Starr 2013!

We just found out about thirty minutes ago and the woohoo-ing and smiles haven’t stopped since!

We know the competition is steep but we feel really good about our chances.  It was challenging (in the best sense of the word) and so much fun to put our video together.  We’d love to keep them coming!

Here’s a look at our submission one more time:


We’ll be coming back to you later this month with (hopefully) some more good news and ways for you to support Kim by voting for her!


–Team KSW

Mayesh is an amazing wholesaler that supplies a huge chunk of the flowers that we work with.  In addition to supplying the industry, they’ve created a great community of designers, all vying to be the year’s Design Star.  I am now one of those contestants!

Last year the Birmingham based floral designer Mandy Majerik was selected as the Design Star, and each month we loved watching her videos for floral inspiration.  Her warm and friendly personality is what really kept us coming back.   She’s exactly the kind of gal we’d love to spend a long day in the studio with.

Below is my submission.  I decided to use the lesser-loved carnation, paired with hydrangeas and magnolia leaves to make a bouquet.  What can I say, I like an underdog.

I hope you like it!  Also, thank you to Amy and Tres Bien Photography for your help on this, I couldn’t have done it without you!