A few months ago we invited Ruthie from Design Gumbo over to check out our studio.  We loved having her over.  We got to chatting about Kim’s background in floral design, the weddings we were working on that weekend, Ruthie’s wedding and all about New Orleans.

Check our Design Gumbo’s coverage of Kim Starr Wise Floral Events.

Thanks Ruthie!!

–Team KSW

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Hello Flower Fans!

This weekend was a major success in my book!  We had a few weddings and meetings with new brides, and were able to time everything out so we could enjoy some time away from the studio (not that we ever want to leave : )

On Saturday night we went to Art for Art’s Sake, a citywide event getting people out to the galleries and shops in the Warehouse District, along Magazine Street and the French Quarter.

I was only able to get to the lower part of Magazine Street this year, because it took up my whole evening!  Among the favorites were A.K.A. Stella Gray, Spruce, VernonCaravan and the rest of Agora Galleries.  Here are a few snapshots from AFAS if you would like to see..

Living Walls at Spruce NOLA. #wistlisted

One vignette at Caravan. LOVE the camel, the dalmation, and the color combo on the sofa!

How cool is this portrait at Agora Galleries? (Sorry for the fez that got in the shot, I didn’t want to move him)  What about that calligraphy!

Loving these bright wall panels, also at Agora Galleries. If only I had the wall space in my home to justify a purchase!

The next day I must’ve been hit by the treasure-hunting bug because I headed over to the Jefferson Flea with a friend.  I didn’t get lucky this round, but my friend got two matching coffee tables for $40!!!  Did I mention that they were inlayed with leather?  You must head over, and let me know so I can come with!

What did you do this weekend, did I see you at Art for Art’s Sake??

–Team KSW

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Hello friends!  Just so you know, since our studio is closed on Mondays, we are one day behind you and today is our Monday.  We’re just getting back from a whirlwind weekend of flowers and photoshoots with new friends.

We had two totally different looks for our weddings; one whimsical at the Rice Mill Lofts and the other inspired by the change of season at Southern Oaks Plantation.

Check out the bouquets below and tell us who is who :)

Then, on Sunday morning we headed over to Mrs. Vintage for a VooDoo photoshoot!  San Francisco photographer Jennifer Michelson of A Girl and A Camera shot our bride, P.S. Creative made some fabby menus and invitations, Mrs. Vintage offered the gorgeous furniture and backdrop and we of course provided the flowers!

Here’s a sneak peak from the shoot

Doesn’t that make the rainy day totally worth it?!  We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

Hope the rest of you had an excellent weekend.  Will we see you tomorrow at the NOLA Wedding Guide Bridal Extravaganza?!  We’ll be there!

— Team KSW

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Hi friends!  Today we are full steam ahead (as usual) with flowers and we’d like to spotlight one of our favorite vendors, Joste of The Dutch Connection.

Kim is about to design a bouquet for a photoshoot (pictures soon!) and we had a flower delivery from Jooste of The Dutch Connection.  Originally from Holland, Jooste is the only wholesaler in the area who has Dutch flowers.  This is a big deal.  We love supporting local vendors and his service is really unparalleled, so we had to let you know about him!

He doesn’t have a website and only supplies to florists (sorry), but if you need us to hook you up with a fancy order, let us know!

Some more of Jooste’s wares:

–Team KSW

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We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on our string garden photoshoot from the sneak peeks we showed you, and the more people we talk to about it, the more we want to give a huge thank you and credit to our inspiration for the idea.

Jill and Tom of Urban Roots are friends who opened up their garden and plant supply shop this year.  We love that they are focused on being an earth-friendly and a local business, aside from their awesome selection of plants and materials!

We can’t wait to show you how we used our own vision for the string gardens, for now here is a snippt of the selection at Urban Roots.

A flower crown made of air plants, yadig?!




Phale again

As an added bonus, here’s their new kitty, Roots (what a great name!)

Make sure you check out Urban Roots for all of your local gardening needs, check ’em out on Facebook and Twitter too!

–Team KSW

Hello friends!

We’ve been moving around boxes of glass, candles, flowers, things to hold flowers, desks and computers into the new space.  It’s been hard work but fun and exciting.  We can be so creative with the space.  In fact, as soon as I wrap up this post I am going to make a fixture out of bell jar lids (if all goes well you’ll read about it soon!).

While we’ve got a little ways to go I wanted to share some snapshots with you so you can see what we’re working with.  Enjoy!

Equal parts awesome and obnoxious sequin flowers  Follows us around everywhere…

Milk and special glass collection.  Kim has her grandmother’s glassware in here for v. special occasions.  Also I love that prism.  (Stole the second one for my desk ;)

Our ‘welcome’ shelf in our ‘lobby’…

We’ve got you covered on ribbon…

The best business card holder ever!

We’re halfway there!!

–Team KSW

WOOHOO!!  Kim Starr Wise has moved on to the semi finals in the competition for the Mayesh Design Starr 2013!

We just found out about thirty minutes ago and the woohoo-ing and smiles haven’t stopped since!

We know the competition is steep but we feel really good about our chances.  It was challenging (in the best sense of the word) and so much fun to put our video together.  We’d love to keep them coming!

Here’s a look at our submission one more time:


We’ll be coming back to you later this month with (hopefully) some more good news and ways for you to support Kim by voting for her!


–Team KSW