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We just couldn’t wait to share yesterday’s wedding with you:



The beautiful outdoor ceremony took place at the Tree of Life in Audubon Park.  We constructed dozens of paper lanterns (thank you Chris!) so that they would ‘spill’ out of the tree, meeting hundreds of ivory rose petals  at the roots of the tree.  Burlap aisle runner decorated with rose petals matched the outdoor setting perfectly.

Along the aisle we set up shepherd’s hooks with ball jars filled with wildflowers.  The limbs of the Tree of Life were strung with more paper lanterns and the natural Spanish Moss that fills the tree year round.

The reception was held at Rosy’s Jazz Hall– a perfectly intimate space with enough room for a stage and dance floor.  On the tables at Rosy’s we topped the tables with ball jars filled with dahlia’s in autumn’s shades, and votive candles in a light blue glass container.

Our bride’s bouquet was filled with roses, tulips and a selection of wildflower.  We wanted this outdoor wedding to reflect the couple’s great energy.  We think this one was a wedding for the books! You can check out more photos of this wedding on our Facebook page.

— Team KSW

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Just got these photos back from one of our favorite summer weddings.   We loved the sumptuous jewel tones and how they fit into the gorgeous brick courtyard of Broussard’s.

Congrats to the happy couple!!

We worked with Rock the Diamond Events and all images via Joie du Jour Photography

–Team KSW

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This photo from the Vanity Fair tumblr inspired me to look around at what options we have for flowers in our hair.

I had a French teacher who used to hold class outdoors on pleasant afternoons and I remember pulling up those white flowery weeds and tying them together to make a crown.  Once I wore my creation throughout the day and remember feeling like medieval royalty.  Ha!

Thankfully, creative minds have found much better material to make flower crowns out of and now they’re all over the place.  Flower crowns are appropriate at your wedding, or at Bonaroo.  Or, your wedding held at Bonaroo!

Will you/have you worn a flower crown?  What do you think?

There are all sorts of options, here are some of what we like best.

above, Saipua
above, Tessa Kim

Please let me know if I can credit any of the above photos!  (All images sourced from Pinterest)

P.S. Do you watch Girls on HBO?  Remember Jessa’s surprise wedding?

P.P.S. Dog flower crowns (kind of)!!

image via Botanical Brouhaha, Sharla Flock Design and Viera Photographics 

Australians are just so cool.  I feel comfortable making that blanket statement.  Have you ever met an uncool Australian?  Some of my favorite online reading are provided by chic and sophisticated Australians who curate material that is also…you guessed it…really cool.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email from the folks at Adore Magazine with the announcement of their new Lovely Wedding Magazine.  I dropped everything to click around and was rewarded with gorgeous photos that all reflect sophisticated and warm real weddings.

Each feature was brimming with inspiration, all of the brides in this edition have such a great aesthetic!

A ‘rustic & homely’ surprise wedding…

Country wedding…

A ‘New York’ wedding…

The ‘elegant and earthy’ wedding of one of my most favorite style bloggers Claudia

And we all love these moss bunnies (we’ve already thought of how we can create them!)

Make sure you head over and subscribe to Lovely Wedding Magazine, I already can’t wait for the next edition!!

–Team KSW

We wanted to add some photos from the Windsor Court Wedding that was featured in so you could see a bit more of the summer wedding flowers for our lovely Texas bride.

During setup it was a little bit rainy (see our post about New Orleans rain) but as soon as the wedding began, the clouds parted  and the party got started!

All photos taken by E-Paul Julien

Our bride and her fiancé wanted a soft and classic look so we used tons of pale pink and white roses and hydrangeas.

Mirrored square vases used here reflect the mercury glass votives we dispersed on each table. Candlelight and roses make everything more romantic, don’t you think?

The candleabras that held our centerpieces created a perfect canopy for conversation and dining.


  • 3 boxes of boutonniere pins
  • 60 dyed blue stems of Dendrobium orchids
  • 4″ styrofoam ball
  • Glue dots
  • Water mister
  • Ribbon/pearl strand/mardi gras beads

Step by step:

1. Gather 6 Dendrob stems (approximately 6 stems per 4” styrofoam ball)

2. Deflower set Dendrobes (remove the pretty developed blooms)

3. Remove the mini stem from each bloom

4. Attach a handle to your ball (we used pearl strands affixed with glue dots and pins)

5. Get many pins ready (boutonniere pins in your preferred color)

6. Pin each individual bloom through the back of the throat onto the ball

7. Puzzle piece your Dendrobe blooms together, pinning each one, to cover the surface

8. Admire your flashy new pomander, and fill in any holes with extra blooms

9. Spray with crowning glory, or mist with water and enjoy!