Kim Starr Wise Floral Events is a boutique floral studio in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kim Starr Wise grew up in Upstate New York.  Her “green blood” flows from two decades of family lineage; florists, landscapers, and horticulturists.  Kim went to school in New York City, studied fashion, while secretly longing to work in a flower shop.  She started her career in 1992, in a 100-year-old flower shop in Gramercy, NYC.  Throughout the years, Kim studied under many well-known and famous florists.  She opened her first flower shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY in 2000.

Kim Starr Wise fell in love with New Orleans and decided to relocate in 2009, leaving New York City behind.  Kim Starr Wise brings to NOLA her love of unique & quality flowers, a penchant for detail, and her ability to create gorgeous designs using the most magnificent materials to the simplest.  Her passion for floral design is nurtured by daily trips to the flower wholesaler and canvassing the farmers market for local product and being actively involved in the floral industry.

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events strives to incorporate distinctive design, color, texture, and style using elements of the old, the odd and the extraordinary to create a truly memorable event.

Visit our website, tweet us, or email kim [at] kimstarrwise [dot] com!  We’ll see you soon!


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