Weekend Recap

Hello Flower Fans!

This weekend was a major success in my book!  We had a few weddings and meetings with new brides, and were able to time everything out so we could enjoy some time away from the studio (not that we ever want to leave : )

On Saturday night we went to Art for Art’s Sake, a citywide event getting people out to the galleries and shops in the Warehouse District, along Magazine Street and the French Quarter.

I was only able to get to the lower part of Magazine Street this year, because it took up my whole evening!  Among the favorites were A.K.A. Stella Gray, Spruce, VernonCaravan and the rest of Agora Galleries.  Here are a few snapshots from AFAS if you would like to see..

Living Walls at Spruce NOLA. #wistlisted

One vignette at Caravan. LOVE the camel, the dalmation, and the color combo on the sofa!

How cool is this portrait at Agora Galleries? (Sorry for the fez that got in the shot, I didn’t want to move him)  What about that calligraphy!

Loving these bright wall panels, also at Agora Galleries. If only I had the wall space in my home to justify a purchase!

The next day I must’ve been hit by the treasure-hunting bug because I headed over to the Jefferson Flea with a friend.  I didn’t get lucky this round, but my friend got two matching coffee tables for $40!!!  Did I mention that they were inlayed with leather?  You must head over, and let me know so I can come with!

What did you do this weekend, did I see you at Art for Art’s Sake??

–Team KSW

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