Flowers in your hair

This photo from the Vanity Fair tumblr inspired me to look around at what options we have for flowers in our hair.

I had a French teacher who used to hold class outdoors on pleasant afternoons and I remember pulling up those white flowery weeds and tying them together to make a crown.  Once I wore my creation throughout the day and remember feeling like medieval royalty.  Ha!

Thankfully, creative minds have found much better material to make flower crowns out of and now they’re all over the place.  Flower crowns are appropriate at your wedding, or at Bonaroo.  Or, your wedding held at Bonaroo!

Will you/have you worn a flower crown?  What do you think?

There are all sorts of options, here are some of what we like best.

above, Saipua
above, Tessa Kim

Please let me know if I can credit any of the above photos!  (All images sourced from Pinterest)

P.S. Do you watch Girls on HBO?  Remember Jessa’s surprise wedding?

P.P.S. Dog flower crowns (kind of)!!

image via Botanical Brouhaha, Sharla Flock Design and Viera Photographics 


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