Can you believe that it is September already?! Not just September, but four days into September?!  Where has the time gone?  Even though the heat is still here and it feels like summer, to us it is starting to look like a little bit like fall.

The blogosphere is making it feel like autumn too.  One of our daily blog reads, A Cup of Jo, recently featured dark red lips as a fall trend.

Today, another one of my daily reads, Coco+Kelley, featured the long anticipated photos from her blog’s five-year anniversary dinner party.  The photos of the party were, without a doubt, worth the wait.  Cassandra put together a gorgeous affair, curated perfectly.  What we would have given to be  guests!

Here’s a look at a few of the snapshots (obviously most important to us are the florals created by Seattle based florist McKenzie Powell : )

Cassandra’s photos of her soiree reminded me of a photo shoot that we recently had at the Champagne Palace.  This is one of our favorite looks- too bad it wasn’t a real dinner party!

Kim chose her color palate to be the vibrant and bright greens of summer, and the rich and jewels of autumn.  The texture and playfulness of the greens are contrasted by the lush and almost-ruffled purples.  The perfect flowers to complement the transition from summer to fall.

Seems like everyone is getting the memo to begin to think about fall.  It’s fast approaching…I can almost smell the pumpkin spice latte!  Yum!

–Team KSW

  1. thanks so much for the mention!!! mckenzie is magic! :)

    • thank YOU for checking us out! let us know when you’re in new orleans next!!

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