Lessons in Flowers – Basic Arrangement

Yesterday we had a meeting with a special guy and really wanted to wow him, so of course we decided to bring a beautiful and fragrant arrangement, so he could remember Kim Starr Wise Floral Events long after our meeting adjourned.


  • three bunches of different flowers that will blend together in you arrangement (one focal flower, one foliage to make it leafy, and an intermediary flower that dances the line between focal and leafy)
  • vessel
  • floral cutters like these

Step by step:

  1. Cut the tips off of each of the stems that you’ll be working with.  (INSIDER TIP- Tulip grows even after you cut it, so cut those dudes a little shorter than you think you need to)
  2. Insert the base flower (your leafiest, in this case we used geranium), criss crossing the stems to create a sturdy base for the rest of your flowers.
  3. Add your intermediary flower (we used sedum) in the spaces left open by the angled base flowers.
  4. We thought our arrangement needed a bit more color, so we walked down the street and found some deeper red leaves to pull and inserted them in the arrangement.
  5. Time for your focal flower!  Since this is the piece de resistance, make sure to think about where you’re inserting these flowers, that they contribute to the full shape you are going for in your arrangement.  We used tulips because they have a great shape – we picked each tulip based on its stem and how it would curve to bring the eye to certain parts of the arrangement.
  6. Give a final zhuzh and voila!  Your arrangement is complete!


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