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Sorry for the absence in posting folks.  We had a tremendously busy and productive weekend (remember the three summer weddings that I kept going on and on about on twitter?)  Second to flowers, all anyone could talk about whether or not Isaac would actually make it to New Orleans.

Tension in the city ran high especially because the storm was set to reach land on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

When a Hurricane comes to New Orleans, you can choose to hunker down and prepare for a power outage or you can make a plan to head out of the city.  At about 8:00 PM on Monday night, I made the choice to head to a neighbor’s family home in the one-stoplight town of Washington, LA.

We got in later that night and settled in to for a Hurricane with a family that had been through it before.  Luckily, the storm missed us for the most part and we didn’t get anything more than some average speed winds.

To pass the time, I finished my biography of Jackie O, America’s Queen, played (lots and lots) of cards, watched a ton of Bravo TV and The West Wing and tried to keep up with the goings on in New Orleans via Twitter.  Here are some snapshots of this year’s Hurrication.

  1. A wagon that was gifted to (or pawned off on) me by the family I stayed with.  I think it could be a nice outdoor addition to the new studio (with flowers and herbs growing in it).
  2. Awesome oak tree in the front yard.  I would’ve loved climbing this guy when I was growing up.
  3. Garden roses survived the rains pretty well.
  4. Cards, lots of cards.  I dominated at Casino : )
  5. Someone who enjoyed typography certainly made this rain gauge.  It was fun to discover this guy attached to the family’s mailbox and remember that design makes everything better.

6.  We got boudin sausage and cracklin on our first day in town.  Y-U-M!  I liked the hot boudin the   most.
7.  Awesome selection of polyester shirts at the Opelousas Wal-Mart.  Can you guess which one I chose?  Hint: Bottom row.
8.  Homemade burgers at the corner Citgo station.  I hear that this is the local gathering place for the men in town.  I’d love to observe that.
9.  “Don’t climb into the saddle unless ur ready to ride.”  ‘Nuff said.

Finally, nothing like being around these dudes this week.  They were one of the highlights of this week for sure.

How did everyone else fare this week?  Where are you, and if you’re out of town when will you head back?  We can’t wait to get back to work!


Mayesh is an amazing wholesaler that supplies a huge chunk of the flowers that we work with.  In addition to supplying the industry, they’ve created a great community of designers, all vying to be the year’s Design Star.  I am now one of those contestants!

Last year the Birmingham based floral designer Mandy Majerik was selected as the Design Star, and each month we loved watching her videos for floral inspiration.  Her warm and friendly personality is what really kept us coming back.   She’s exactly the kind of gal we’d love to spend a long day in the studio with.

Below is my submission.  I decided to use the lesser-loved carnation, paired with hydrangeas and magnolia leaves to make a bouquet.  What can I say, I like an underdog.

I hope you like it!  Also, thank you to Amy and Tres Bien Photography for your help on this, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events is moving!  We found a lovely home/studio space on Adams Street at Panola (aka one block down from Panola Street Cafe) and signed the lease today!

There’s a ton of work to do but the beginnings are looking really great.  The house has a ton of history (formerly a butcher shop and fish/oyster house) that we’re trying to find more about, and we have so many ideas for how we can make the space really reflect our team.

See you soon, Adams Street!


The outside of the workspace.  We’ve got a garage door so hopefully when it cools down a bit more we can pull the door up and make a functional indoor/outdoor space.



This is the inside of the space looking from the garage door in.  This space is 1,000 (that’s one thousand) square feet, hundreds and hundreds of feet bigger than the space that we’re working in currently.  There will be some challenges but also plenty of room to spread out and g-r-o-w.

Let the ‘studio inspiration’ pinning begin!

We wanted to add some photos from the Windsor Court Wedding that was featured in so you could see a bit more of the summer wedding flowers for our lovely Texas bride.

During setup it was a little bit rainy (see our post about New Orleans rain) but as soon as the wedding began, the clouds parted  and the party got started!

All photos taken by E-Paul Julien

Our bride and her fiancé wanted a soft and classic look so we used tons of pale pink and white roses and hydrangeas.

Mirrored square vases used here reflect the mercury glass votives we dispersed on each table. Candlelight and roses make everything more romantic, don’t you think?

The candleabras that held our centerpieces created a perfect canopy for conversation and dining.

Yesterday we had a meeting with a special guy and really wanted to wow him, so of course we decided to bring a beautiful and fragrant arrangement, so he could remember Kim Starr Wise Floral Events long after our meeting adjourned.


  • three bunches of different flowers that will blend together in you arrangement (one focal flower, one foliage to make it leafy, and an intermediary flower that dances the line between focal and leafy)
  • vessel
  • floral cutters like these

Step by step:

  1. Cut the tips off of each of the stems that you’ll be working with.  (INSIDER TIP- Tulip grows even after you cut it, so cut those dudes a little shorter than you think you need to)
  2. Insert the base flower (your leafiest, in this case we used geranium), criss crossing the stems to create a sturdy base for the rest of your flowers.
  3. Add your intermediary flower (we used sedum) in the spaces left open by the angled base flowers.
  4. We thought our arrangement needed a bit more color, so we walked down the street and found some deeper red leaves to pull and inserted them in the arrangement.
  5. Time for your focal flower!  Since this is the piece de resistance, make sure to think about where you’re inserting these flowers, that they contribute to the full shape you are going for in your arrangement.  We used tulips because they have a great shape – we picked each tulip based on its stem and how it would curve to bring the eye to certain parts of the arrangement.
  6. Give a final zhuzh and voila!  Your arrangement is complete!

While perusing the internet’s garden we stumbled upon this.  The entire studio was impressed so it had to show up here on the ol’ blog.

Look at these gorgeous string gardens!  It’s clever in a wonderfully obvious way.  And that is no insult- someone took the time to look at what existed, make a tiny change and voila! a beautiful new creation was born.  We can’t wait to try this out for ourselves.  We’ll be sure to report back to you soon!

Also we all have a crush on this guy.

All images from String Gardens