Lessons in Flowers


Todays lesson:  Why stephanotis is expensive in a bouquet.

See the photos above?  When we order stephanotis we get a small plastic box filled with the blooms and no stem.  EACH bloom (and there are 25 to a box I believe) has to get a faux stem (wire added to the stem), and wrapped with corsage tape so that they can be used in your bouquet.  It takes a bit of time to prepare each bloom.

Now those brides who want crystals or white pearl head pins in the center of the stephanotis…  cha-ching!!!  (They don’t grow that way!)  So yes, more time and labor is involved in the production.  Keep in mind that stephanotis with Swarovski crystals is really stunning and makes an incredible impact, but don’t be shocked when you get your proposal and your bouquet is close to $300 or more, it’s the labor and the crystals/pins that jack up the price!


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