Lessons in Flowers – Kissing Ball


  • 3 boxes of boutonniere pins
  • 60 dyed blue stems of Dendrobium orchids
  • 4″ styrofoam ball
  • Glue dots
  • Water mister
  • Ribbon/pearl strand/mardi gras beads

Step by step:

1. Gather 6 Dendrob stems (approximately 6 stems per 4” styrofoam ball)

2. Deflower set Dendrobes (remove the pretty developed blooms)

3. Remove the mini stem from each bloom

4. Attach a handle to your ball (we used pearl strands affixed with glue dots and pins)

5. Get many pins ready (boutonniere pins in your preferred color)

6. Pin each individual bloom through the back of the throat onto the ball

7. Puzzle piece your Dendrobe blooms together, pinning each one, to cover the surface

8. Admire your flashy new pomander, and fill in any holes with extra blooms

9. Spray with crowning glory, or mist with water and enjoy!


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